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Before and After | Our Caravan Renovation in Pictures

Remember we once did a caravan renovation? Took an ugly little van and turned her into something lovely? Well, last month, I mentioned that we’d traded our beloved caravan — Dolly 1 — in for a ‘new’, larger model.

I use the term ‘new’ very loosely. The new van may have preceded her chronologically but certainly not in any other areas.

If Dolly needed a bit of updating when we first bought her, this new van needed an entire facelift.

Pretty she aint.

Another caravan makeover was definitely in order!

**grim interiors warning — the following shots are not for the faint hearted**

The Before Pictures

Dolly 2 — before her renovation
Dolly 2 — before her renovation
Attractive, red stained carpet. Nice.

The During Pictures

I have got LOTS more ‘before’ photographs that I could show you.

But I’ve always tried to maintain my blog as a happy place; a collection of beautiful things.

The pre-makeover photographs set my teeth on edge (and make me feel a little bit queasy) so I think I’ll leave it there.

Little by little over the summer months — with the help of some lovely paper from Wallpaper Direct — my boy and I transformed the very ugly little tin box, you see in the snaps above, into something rather lovely.

No mean feat when you have twin toddlers in tow, I can tell you ;)

Our caravan renovation: condensed into a little grid of nine pictures!
Hard at work!

We wanted something a little different from our first van; which was a vision in Cath Kidston.

For her successor, we wanted something bright and fresh and a little more graphic.

Wallpaper Direct have literally got the best choice.

Whatever your taste — or style — they’ve definitely got something to suit. sweetshop.

Initially, I was thinking along the lines of Orla Keily but ended up being swayed by the gorgeous designs of Verity Wilkinson’s Layla Faye range.

For the living quarters of the van, we chose ‘Daisy Chain Small‘, a gorgeous yellow and white graphic print with a retro edge.

We’ve also chosen a coordinating print for the bathroom area but I’ll keep that under my hat until we’ve finished those renovations! One thing at a time — that may be a job for the spring ;)

We’ve no curtains, blinds or proper cushions yet but — those things aside — this little van is well on the way to becoming a perfect little home from home.

A warm and cosy place, for us to enjoy camping trips and festivals.

The After Pictures

caravan makeover
caravan makeover
So much cleaner and fresher :)
caravan makeover
Gorgeous cheery colour and pattern
caravan makeover
Brightening up the kitchen area with cheerful accessories and lovely patterns
The seating area
Caravan makeover
Even my little Home print got an airing!

Caravan Renovation: Almost Complete

It just goes to show that wallpaper is so versatile.

It really shouldn’t just be restricted to the walls of a house — it can be used on furniture, ceilings — even an ugly little caravan can benefit from a little bit of pattern and colour!

There’s still a LOT to do though.

Lots more finishing off inside — plus I have some very ambitious plans for the outside of this funny little box on wheels. Bear with me, as I can foresee there may be a fair few ‘caravan related’ posts coming up over the next few months ;)

For anyone wondering what we’ve christened this little van?

Well, initially she was Lionel (don’t ask).

Then she was Wendy (Wendy-House — on wheels).

But for two little boys — who have only ever understood  that a caravan is called ‘Dolly’ — it was very, very difficult to persuade them that this new van had any other name.

So everyone, please be upstanding for…

‘Dolly Too’.

caravan makeover — before and after pics

PS — ‘too’ is not a spelling mistake. It’s a play on words!

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140 thoughts on “Before and After | Our Caravan Renovation in Pictures”

  1. Found your post on Oi retest and just had to read your post! Love it! You’ve done an awesome job remaking Dolly Too yours! Looks so inviting and cheerful ?.

    Would you tell me, is the wallpaper a special type? Vinyl? Prepasted? Did you need any special adhesive? We’re in the process of updating a 1999 30ft Dutchman Classic Lite and I’m so loving your idea for wallpapering a wall. I’m thinking kitchen area.

    Wishing y’all many happy years of camping! Time with our babies passes way to fast!

    • Aaah thank you SO much; that’s lovely of you to come and read my blog — and to leave a comment too! :) I have written another post outlining everything I used to decorate the interior of the van. Pop and have a look — https://thelistedhome.co.uk/tips-for-decorating-a-caravan-interior/ — if you have any questions, please let me know! I’d be more than happy to help.

      Good luck with your van makeover! xx

      PS — yes, I absolutely agree!! Time goes SO fast!! My babies are growing up way too quickly! Happy, happy camping to you too :)

  2. Hi caro,
    I love how you have done the caravans up. I have one and am struggling on how to change the fabric on the curtains and on the seats any tips or guidance on this?? Xxx

    • Thanks so much Shannon :) I didn’t change the curtains on Dolly 1 — they were plain and I didn’t mind them. And with Dolly 2, I removed them completely!! They were so horrible and I decided that — as we have blackout blinds on most of the windows — I’d just get rid of the curtains, as it looked much cleaner and simpler!

      I have made loose covers each time for both Dollies — they were really, really simple to make! I don’t have amazing sewing skills so I promise you, if I can do it, anyone can!! I plan to write a post showing how I did it. Watch this space! x

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