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A Beautiful Home | The Brighton Town House

We went down south on the weekend to visit a university friend of mine, Caroline, and her lovely family in their beautiful Brighton Town House

It’s always a nice change for us to visit the coast. Living in the middle of the country we couldn’t possibly be any further away, so it’s always a real treat to breathe in a bit of sea air and soak up the sights and sounds of a seaside town.

Plus it was lovely to hang out with our friends and their littles — and to see the beautiful home that they’ve created for themselves.

beautiful home
Love sign | A Brighton Town House
Beautiful Home
Relaxed Living | A Brighton Town House

The Brighton Town House

Their Brighton townhouse has seen a lot over the decades but no more so that the last couple of years since they bought it and totally transformed it into the stunner that it is today.

The previous owner had lived there for 50 years or more and there had never been any major changes made, since it was first built.

Beautiful Home
Lovely finds | A Brighton Town House
Beautiful Home
An eclectic mix | A Brighton Town House

That all changed when Caroline and Toby took ownership; the house has been totally brought into the 21st century and is such a beautiful example of contemporary living, in a period property.

Poky dark rooms have been knocked into huge, bright spaces and the higgledy-piggledy layout has been totally reworked — and extended — to suit the needs of a large, growing family.

You know me, I’m never happier than when I’m mooning over beautiful home interiors, so spending the weekend in such lovely surroundings (with some of my favourite people) was my idea of heaven.

Beautiful Home
Pretty accessories | A Brighton Town House

Caroline has generously let me share their lovely home, here on my blog. Have a look — I promise, a little bit of house envy is natural ;)

Downstairs Style

Beautiful Home
An oriental influence | A Brighton Town House
Beautiful Home
Quirky nick-nacks | A Brighton Town House
Beautiful Home
Beautiful patterns and prints | A Brighton Town House
Beautiful Home
Family rules | A Brighton Town House
Beautiful Home
The Beautiful Home | A Brighton Town House
Beautiful Home
Gorgeous light | A Brighton Town House
Brighton Town House
The hallway | A Brighton Town House

An Eclectic Style

There is such a lovely eclectic combination of old and new.

Our own home has quite a similar mix and weirdly we’ve also got a bit of an oriental influence too, with our huge Chinese cabinet. It is synonymous with home  for me — maybe that’s why I felt so at ease ;)

Brighton Town House
Lovely touches in the hallway | A Brighton Town House

The beautiful home furnishings didn’t just stop downstairs though. Caroline’s carefully planned design touches carry on throughout the house; my very favourite room was the bathroom on the first floor.

An absolutely HUGE space with my dream bath — I wrote a bathroom makeover wish-list a couple of months ago and featured something almost identical!

Upstairs Style

beautiful home
My favourite room in the house | A Brighton Town House
beautiful house
A splash of pink | A Brighton Town House
The Beautiful Home | A Brighton Town House
Freestanding bath | A Brighton Town House
Brighton Town House
Wall decal in the bathroom | A Brighton Town House

It was so lovely to hang out at the seaside for a couple of days with our friends — especially as we hadn’t all seen each other for quite a few years. It was the first time they’d all met the twins and as they had also had a new baby, since we last met, it was a happy and joyful reunion.

Plus being able to bring this bright and beautiful home to my blog is an added bonus!

Thanks so much to Caroline and Toby for sharing your lovely home on The Listed Home.

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  1. Oh I love the LOVE! And how do you get the keys out of that little pear? haha. What an awesome house! One day when I get a big house I am going to fill it with lovely things… One day… sigh. #HomeEtc

    • Aaah I feel like that too! I’ve got some lovely things but we live in a very little house in comparison to my friends big mansion! Maybe when I grow up?! ;)

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