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141 weeks | Siblings November 2015

A little bit late with this month’s Siblings post!

I managed to take the photographs and post them on my Facebook — which is something that I’ve done since the boys were first born — but this is the first opportunity I’ve had, to sit down and write a proper update on what’s been happening!

This month has seen lots of changes. My boys are now 2 years and 8 months old — well over the half-way mark to the next big milestone — and we’ve started seeing some really interesting changes, since last month’s update.

Bertie’s speech is really starting to come on. He’s still not as accomplished as his very chatty twin (in this department)  but he’s really beginning to make himself known and I’ve noticed that he’s beginning to form his words much better now.

The other thing I’ve noticed — and have been absolutely tickled by — is the fact that Cosmo has started to role-play. This is a really new development. He and Bertie have always played together but over the last few weeks have been a lot of complicated games, involving hiding from tigers, getting on planes, hanging out in swimming pools —

‘I’m swimming in the water mummy!’

— whilst thrashing about on the floor.

Not to mention my very favourite role-play, which happened yesterday. Cosmo had a plastic wand and was pretending to cast spells with it with it. He told me it was like Nanny Plum’s wand and kept saying:

‘Abbacadabba —  I turn you into a frog!’ then tapped me on the shoulder — to which I replied:

‘Gribbit, gribbit — oh no! You’ve turn me into a frog?! Quickly turn me back in to mummy!’

He tapped me on the shoulder again — ‘You’re mummy again’.

Then again:

Abbacadabba —  I turn you into a rabbit!’ then tapped me on the shoulder — to which I would twitch my nose — and so on.

This went on for quite sometime. I was a frog, a rabbit, a bird, a horse, a sheep… it was amazing to see this little boy’s imagination working in such a collaborative and fun way! This is such a lovely development. So sweet to be able to play together in this way — I love it!

Another Development For the Siblings November 2015

The last development, in this month’s round-up, is that the boys have made the transition from a Gro-Bag to a duvet and pillow! We had a few sleepless nights with Cosmo (after Halloween — note to self, no scary make-up or masks next year) and decided that the bag was looking a little too small. Instead of replacing it with a bigger size, we bought little bedding sets from IKEA.

These were greeted with mucho enthusiasm! The boys LOVE their new bed set up.

We’re still not any nearer to taking the bars off the cots — which suits me perfectly — but they’re getting used to having ‘grown up’ bedding, for when we do. Plus, the biggest bonus? Normal service has now resumed and he’s sleeping peacefully through the night once more ;)

I’ll post a little nursery update soon; we’ve a couple of additions — since I created the nursery room tour — so it’s quite nice to see how their room is evolving.

I’ll leave you with the pics I took on the 13th. Love these little faces more than I can possibly say!

Siblings November 2015
Siblings November 2015
Siblings November 2015
Siblings November 2015

4 thoughts on “141 weeks | Siblings November 2015”

  1. I love seeing your boys grow, I really notice as they get bigger and more like big boys! You know Florence has been saying the exact same thing all week, abracadabra, I turn you into a frog happens constantly! Love it though xx

    • It’s SO weird isn’t it?! I think it must have come from Ben and Holly!!! It’s the loveliest thing isn’t it? To interact like this — finally — is a joy! And you’re right — they look so, so grown up all of a sudden!! WHERE have my babies gone?! xx

    • Aaah it’s GORGEOUS to see. I used to have a massive imagination when I was a child, so it’s lovely to see my boys have been bless with it too!! If you have a great imagination you’ll never be bored!! :)

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